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The MSF provides and enhances Christian fellowship for all senior members of the church, to share love and care as well as to bring about a sense of belonging with one another. This ministry reaches the Seniors through regular fellowship meetings, Sing-Along sessions, outing and trips, and an array of events and activities, all while seeking to grow in Christ.

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orang asli village trips

It is our honour to follow the heartbeat of God by reaching out to people and extending His Kingdom through missions.  Our mission work reaches as far as Nepal and as near the Orang Asli Villages in Pahang. The local mission work to the Orang Asli villages include food distribution, medical aid, children ministry, farming project etc.

For more information contact Jerry Wong at:

social concerns

 food distribution programme

The Food Distribution programme is designed with the understanding that before positive change can happen, we must meet the basic needs of the community. The ministry provides food staples as well as spiritual encouragement and prayer to needy families in the local community.

For more information contact Simon Choong at:



 light of shalom hostel

The Orang Asli communities are among the most neglected in Malaysia. While education could be the means to help the OA community out of poverty, it is not easily available to the OA children. For this reason, the Light of Shalom hostel (using the former Wesley Methodist School building) was set up and is currently the home for 162 Orang Asli children and youths to provide them with an opportunity to receive education and grow in a conducive and nurturing environment.

For more information contact Little Lamb’s Lamp Society Malacca at

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